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Registered with MDBA

Registered Labrador puppies

All the puppies we breed at Valinka Labradors are registered with the Master Dog Breeders and Associates. They all come with pedigree papers, usually on the Limited Register. This means they are not for breeding or showing and are just for pets. Pups bred prior to mid-2021 were registered with the ANKC (through DogsWest), and pups born after that date are registered with the MDBA.

Puppies are available on the Mains Register to MDBA registered breeders, or those intending to become registered breeders. We are happy to assist and mentor those new to the world of pedigree dog ownership, if that’s what you are looking for. If you are interested in a puppy on the Mains Register (with breeding rights), then you will need to contact us early to arrange this, as all pet pups are desexed before going off to their furever homes.

Microchipped, vaccinated etc

What you get

All Valinka puppies will come to you microchipped, and their chips registered with the Australasian Animal Registry. This is a permanent form of identification and completely safe. All puppies will have received their first vaccination and a thorough vet check at 6 weeks of age. We use Protech vaccination, which we consider to be the best and most reliable vaccine on the market; as well as being one of the only companies that have a C7 vaccine available.

This covers all puppies for Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Coronavirus, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza and Bordetella.

We pride ourselves on providing all our puppies with the most comprehensive vaccination regime on the market.

The vet check that all puppies receive at 6 weeks is comprehensive, but isn’t infallible, although their heart, joints, mouth, eyes and teeth, lymph glands, external genitalia, weight and overall condition are examined, and given the all clear. In any litter that we breed, preference will be given to those pups destined to become Assistance, Therapy, or other service animals. Service dogs will always be chosen first from a litter, so everyone needs to be aware that they may not get “first pick” of a particular colour or sex from any litter for their pet puppy.

Hip and elbow scored

Scoring and testing

As registered breeders it means that all of our dogs have been hip and elbow scored, and that those scores have been registered with the MDBA. We at Valinka will only breed with those dogs whose scores are below the breed average (unless we know of a legitimate environmental factor that will have affected their scores).

Most of our dogs are lower than a score of 6 and have a 0 elbow, and in recent years those scores have been even lower still. Every one of our dogs has also been fully screened for all diseases that can be tested for using DNA.

All the puppies we produce are guaranteed not to have an “affected” status with any of these genetic diseases (including PRA and EIC).

Eyes open and can start to hear

Limited register

When buying a puppy as a pet, it’s sold on the proviso that it’s not used for breeding. Sterilisation is, clearly, the easiest way of ensuring this, and we’ve always advocated sterilization before sexual maturity (so before 12 months of age). The major reason for this is to avoid the behavioural and temperament changes that come along with sexual maturity. After much research and consideration, in 2015 we decided to implement a program to desex all pet puppies before they leave our care. One of the reasons for this was, as may be obvious, to prevent anyone who claimed to want a family pet from really buying something they can breed from. We like to know our buyers are being genuine. It was also to avoid any confusion over when is or when is not the best time to sterilise, and to ensure the dogs all maintain their happy-go-lucky puppy personalities throughout their lives. Younger puppies also handle the surgery much better, their recovery time is mere hours, and there’s no requirement to restrict their exercise post surgery and nor do they need to wear the “cone of shame”.

Weaned of their mothers

Getting a puppy

Once we’ve had a litter of puppies born, we usually wait at least a week before contacting anyone who has put their name down for a puppy, or before putting up any notices regarding the birth of the litter. As much as it’s difficult to think about, losing puppies is a fact of life and we would never want to promise a puppy to someone, and then have it fade away due to one reason or another. Usually by one week of age the puppies are gaining weight, feeding well and growing quickly, so we’re then happy to commit to sales. Selections of which puppy will be going to which family is usually not made until the pups are between 7-8 weeks of age. If we’re intending to keep something from the litter ourselves, or if there’s an Assistance dog in the litter, then those pups will be selected first before any pet puppies. Then we allow people to choose their puppies in the order in which their names are on the board (first in first served basis). Puppies will generally leave us around 9 weeks of age.

 If someone isn’t able to choose a puppy themselves, then they can describe to us what sort of shape, size, temperament, colour shading of puppy they’d prefer and we’ll make a choice for them. Once people have come to see us, met the puppies, and put their deposit down, then they are supplied with an information package called the “Valinka Labrador Handbook”. This is a 50 odd page document with all the information buyers will need to know about preparing for the arrival of their puppy, as well as how to raise, train, feed and exercise them. This is the bible. We encourage everyone to read it well, and prepare for the arrival of their new family member.

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