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We have been involved with the breeding and showing of dogs since the early 1990’s. Since then we have left our mark on the dog breeding industry in Australia.

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New Litters Born

New Litters Born

We’ve had several new litters born, with some pups available as both family pets and to service homes. Cookie and Mambo had a beautiful litter of chocolate babies born on the 1st of January. Several pups may be available from that litter. They are amazingly calm and...

Waitlist for Labradors

Waitlist for Labradors

During the COVID lockdown of 2020, the demand for Labrador puppies increased exponentially, and we were forced to close the waiting list. It opened again briefly in 2021, before closing again. In 2022 we have been able to keep the waiting list open. Those interested...

Change of Registration

Change of Registration

As of November 2021, Valinka Labradors has ceased being a member of the ANKC, and DogsWest. We have switched our registration to the MDBA (Master Dog Breeders and Associates). Any pups born prior to mid-2021 will be registered with ANKC. Any pups born from...

About Us

Who are we

Welcome to Valinka Labradors. In the following pages you’ll find a wealth of information about us and our dogs, about Labradors in general, and other things we thought may be of interest. We have been involved with the breeding and showing of dogs since the early 1990’s and Labradors, in particular, since 2006. We have a large breeding kennel and we do have puppies available regularly throughout the year, strictly to approved homes only.

We specialise in breeding dogs for Service work, such as for Assistance, Therapy or Guide dogs, but the majority of our pups will be loving family pets.

We do breed all colours of the Labrador, but we are very fond of our chocolates. In the vast majority of cases we sell our puppies on the Limited Register, which is on the proviso they are NOT FOR BREEDING. If you are interested in a puppy for breeding/showing purposes, then please call us and we shall discuss the conditions of such a sale. If you’re interested in using one of our boys for Stud, then please feel free to contact us (MDBA registered breeders only).

Our dogs

At Valinka, we have a very clear picture of what we believe to be the ideal Labrador. The Labrador was originally (and should always be) a medium sized dog with a calm and even temperament.

Our history

Back in 1992 we purchased our first pedigree dogs, two Rough Collies by the names of Kiya and Sahara. Litter sisters, they were like chalk and cheese, and neither were successful as show or breeding dogs.

27 years experience

Our advice

Pet Shops and Puppy Farms

After beginning our adventure into the Labrador Retriever, it didn’t take long for us to realise that the number of people looking for Labrador puppies at any given time is far greater than the number of puppies available from reputable, quality, registered breeders in WA. We constantly have a waiting list, with people waiting anywhere from a few weeks to nearly a year before getting a puppy.

Backyard Breeders or Unregistered Puppies
A backyard breeder is someone who owns a dog, and they allow, or cause, their dog to become pregnant and to have puppies. These puppies may or may not be pedigree dogs. The pregnancy may or may not be intentional. What is a guarantee is that these puppies are not registered with any of the recognised purebred dog registries (ANKC, MDBA, ICBS, etc). These puppies are, by definition, unregistered and uncontrolled.
Buying Online

There’s a myriad of choices online these days for sites where you can buy a puppy. While most of these sites do their utmost to ensure that advertisers are genuine, they aren’t infallible. Sometimes the unscrupulous are more devious than the honest give them credit for. Puppy farmers and fraudsters alike are flocking to the internet to get money.

Buying Interstate
There are dangers associated with buying interstate puppies. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, there may not be any puppies of your desired breed in your state, you may live in a remote location and there are no breeders nearby, and so on. Your puppy may not exist, it could be a scam, or you could really be buying from a puppy farmer.
Is Your Breeder Registered

If the person you’re buying from is claiming to be a Registered Breeder, then there are ways you can cross reference the validity of that claim. Check with their state’s controlling body, (DogsWest, DogsNSW, DogsVic and so on) and they have a record of all registered breeders in their state.

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