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We’ve had a number of litters born in November and December 2022, and these puppies are ready for their new homes in January and February 2023. Mostly chocolate puppies, once again, as our Assistance lines do tend to run on the chocolate side of the gene pool. There are some black pups available in February, and a few yellow pups (also ready to go in February). Most of the current litters are from Assistance lines, and some of the pups are available as Assistance dogs. All other pups are sold as pets.

All pups are 9 weeks old before they’re ready to leave us. They are $4,500 each, for both pet dogs and Assistance pups. When the pups leave us, they’ve had their first vaccination, they’ve been regularly wormed, and are heartworm protected. They are microchipped and desexed. All our pups are pedigree Labradors, registered with MDBA. Their pedigree papers aren’t available when the pups leave our care, as they take time to arrange, but they are usually received before the pup is 12 months of age (we aim for a lot sooner than that, but sometimes life just gets in the way!). When pups leave us, we provide several days of food for the puppy to help with the transition, plus a file which contains all their immediate information. Puppy raising information, feeding schedule and diet sheet, microchipping form, vaccination and desexing certificates, and so on. We spend time explaining the puppy’s needs to you, and we also provide this information in an audio format on Facebook (the details of which are provided after paying your deposit). We also provide a comprehensive Labrador Handbook to all our puppy buyers, prior to them taking their puppy home. Many call this their “bible”, and it explains just about everything you need to know about owning, raising and training a Labrador. A deposit of $1,000 is required to secure a puppy for you, and the balance of payment is due when the pup is collected. We only offer payment plans PRIOR to pups leaving our care. The puppy must be paid for in full before it leaves us.

Valinka Perfection in Chocolate and Riverlands William Tell

Niya and William had a litter of chocolate puppies born on the 1st December 2022. They’ll be ready to leave us on the 5th February 2023. With boys and girls in the litter. This is a first litter for Niya, who is one of our smallest Labradors. She’s short, but relatively stocky, with a typical English head. William is also a smaller boy, so we aren’t expecting any giants from these puppies! They can’t help but be loving, and snuggly, and adorable pups, given the natures of their parents. Niya does have a cheeky side, but it’s only so she can be with people more. You tell her to go one way, and she’ll duck back for a quick extra cuddle before doing as she’s told. William is the consummate retriever, never happy unless he’s got a toy in his mouth and trying to tease you with it. A lot of his pups have that same strong retrieving instincts. These pups should be on the smaller side, with a strong, stocky structure, and they will be very attentive and easy to train.

Valinka She’s a Gem and Valinka The Full Monty

Topaz and Monty had a rainbow litter, with yellow, chocolate and black pups, born on 10th December. They’ll be ready to leave us on the 18th February 2023. Finally some yellow babies! Yay. This is a first litter for both Topaz and Monty, so it will be fascinating to see these puppy girls and boys grow. Topaz is a daughter of Buffy and William, while Monty is a son of Cian and Stormy (one of Glenice McLure’s Blackboy dogs). They both have beautiful natures. Stormy is the most cuddly and sooky boy you’ve ever met. One pat on the head and he’s yours, and then he usually oozes into a puddle on the floor and just waits to be stroked. He’s such a dag. Topaz is gentle and kind and a little unassuming. She’s not an in-your-face kind of dog, instead sitting back and waiting for a sign that she’s wanted. These pups should be mid-sized sort of Labradors, with a strong bone structure. Not too small and not enormous; more a typical English Labrador. Their personalities will be very loving, and cuddly, and a little demanding when it comes to attention. The “look-at-me-I’m-gorgeous” type of dog.

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