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One of our old boys


DOB: 15/10/2012)
VALINKA THE ANZAC SPIRIT (Mother: Annie. Father: Blackboy Crushed Ice)
Hip score: 3/3 Elbow Score: 1/1 ( <1mm/<1mm) DNA: Clear of all diseases.

Anzac is one of our older boys, but that certainly hasn’t dulled his energy levels. Although bred by us, Anzac isn’t of our breeding or bloodlines. He is purely “show” bred, from some of the top kennels in this country, Champion lineages, with both Blackboy and Driftway lines behind him. Anzac is outgoing and energetic, he believes he is the centre of the world and that anyone who comes to the kennels are there purely to see him! He’s far too playful to have any hint of aggression, and he loves to run. From a breeding perspective, we tend to use Anzac when there is a bitch who is maybe a little too reserved and we want to bring out more energy and drive into the puppies. We’ve also had success when mating Anzac to a girl from very strong Therapy lines, to produce puppies that are both quiet and calm, but also self assured and strong in personality.

One of our younger boys


DOB: 09/08/2016
VALINKA MISTER BO JANGLES (Mother: Melody. Father: Smokey)
Hip score: 0/1 Elbow score: 1/1 (0.6mm/0.5mm) DNA: Clear by parentage of all diseases
TVD: Clear by Echocardiogram.

Bo-Jangles is one of our younger boys, very much the gentle soul. He’s from strong Therapy bloodlines, and is 4th generation Valinka breeding on both his sire and dam’s side. Bo-Jangles loves to play, and is quite energetic when he’s out with his friends, but when people are about he’s a different dog; quiet, reserved, gentle. He’s the perfect gentleman, and is still learning how to be confident when meeting new people.

One of the old boys


DOB: 06/05/2012

VALINKA DIVINELY CHOKLATE (Mother: Bacci. Father: Sobek)

Hip Score: 1/4 Elbow Score: 0/0 DNA: Clear of all diseases TVD: Clear by Echocardiogram

Choko is one of our older boys, and he’s second generation of Valinka breeding, son of Bacci, and grandson of our beloved Buttons, the grand old girl herself. Choko is a big boy, carrying 38 kg, but he’s no slouch that’s for sure. Energetic and outgoing, Choko loves to run, and to play, but he’s just as happy having a long cuddle. He loves kids, and is very gentle even with nervous children. He’s the perfect Labrador temperament, able to go from full go to full stop and back again at a moment’s notice. He’s produced a number of Therapy and Assistance dogs, and he will hopefully continue to be a strong part of our breeding program for many years to come.

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