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Boarding kennel and cattery facility.

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Prideland kennels and cattery

Here at Valinka Labradors we also operate a boarding kennel and cattery facility. So, if you are ever going away on holiday, or need to have your dog boarded for any reason, then please consider us.

We are the only facility in Western Australia that boards all animals.

We’re quite happy to look after your Labrador, plus any other dogs you might have, or your cat, rabbit, guinea pig, bird, rodent, or even your horse or pet lamb! Obviously, we have plenty of Labradors here, and are quite familiar with their requirements and needs.

20-30 degrees

Air conditioned kennels

Our kennels, cattery and small animal areas are all air conditioned in the summer, and wood fire heated in the winter. They are also temperature alarmed, so if it gets too hot we are alerted and we can adjust the air conditioning or put the water on the roof as well. The kennels/cattery are always kept between 20 and 30 degrees inside the building, even in the hottest of summer days or during the coldest of winter nights.

For the dogs, each kennel has a grassed run attached. The front runs are shorter, suitable for smaller or older dogs, or those who have exercise restrictions, the overweight or for the very young.

In 2014, we changed the front runs to artificial turf, as we simply couldn’t make natural turf last the distance. Now the runs are always lovely, and the dogs manage to stay relatively clean, even with the paddling pool. The back runs are longer, 20 meters in length, and are suitable for the very energetic or those who love space. These runs are still natural grass… at least mostly… the dogs do run about a lot, and it shows in the wear and tear on the grassed areas.

Cooked fresh everyday

Healthy home cooked meals

At meal times, we cook up a natural diet for the dogs every day, boarding dogs included. They have a meal of cooked chicken mince (fat drained so it’s lean meat), steamed rice, steamed veggies (usually 3 – 5 veggies each day), and garlic.

We also have a kangaroo/rice/veggies meal available, and can usually accommodate other meals if we’re given some notice so we can prepare.

We always have Advance biscuits on hand, too, both adult and puppy, so we can continue with their usual feeding regime if they are still on biscuits. Please follow the link here to view our boarding kennel website and see for yourself what we have to offer.

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