Happy to answer any questions you may have.


A. 82 Peters Road, Muchea, 6501
(Prideland Kennels and Cattery)
M. PO Box 237, Muchea, 6501


P. (08) 9571 0677
M. +61 414 898 236

We are always happy to receive enquiries about our dogs, and are usually available for a chat. Feel free to call us with any questions or queries, either about Valinka Labradors, or just about Labradors in general.

All enquiries regarding the waiting list for a Labrador puppy should be sent to our e-mail address. We’ve given up on trying to keep notebooks, or have people’s information written on pieces of paper, as we keep losing them!! So the computer it is then. We will send you information about what puppies we currently have available (if any), and what litters are coming up, as well as a pre-prepared information package about our puppies, and a questionnaire that requires filling out in order for us to put your name down on our waiting list.

Please don’t feel offended at any of the questions in our questionnaire, we want to ensure that each of our puppies is going to the best home suited for them, and that every family is perfectly suited for owning one of our Labradors. Not every person who wants one will end up getting a puppy from us. Although we strongly believe that every family should have a dog, not every family is suited to owning a Labrador