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One of our old girls



DOB: 29/12/2013



Hip: 1/0      Elbow: 0/0     DNA: Carrier for EIC

Bounty is one of our older girls, and will be retiring soon. She is from very strong Therapy bloodlines, and is 3rd generation Valinka breeding. She is a very gentle, calm, relaxed sort of dog, who loves to be with people. She’s great with children, babies, and anyone who needs a gentle hand. Bounty is more a snuggler than a runner, and she prefers the slower pace rather than racing a marathon! She’s produced some amazing puppies over the years, and we’ll be very sorry to see her leave. Bounty is a consistent producer of Therapy and Assistance dogs, with her entire last litter of 6 puppies passing the initial Therapy dog assessment process, which is extremely rare.

One of our younger girls






DOB: 11/03/2017

Hip Score: 0/0      Elbow Score: 0/0         DNA: Clear by parentage of all diseases
TVD: Clear by Echocardiogram

Buffy is one of our younger girls, and she represents four generations of our breeding program. She’s a gorgeous girl, in so many ways. It’s almost impossible to take a bad photo of her, from any angle, in any light, and she’s always got a smile on her face. She’s calm and relaxed, and a wonderful combination of her parents: outgoing like her mother and the best of snugglers just like her father. She is a chocolate pigmented yellow Labrador, a “Dudley” to many, and is not considered suitable for the show ring. But Buffy proves all the naysayers wrong, having everything in one package: looks, brains, and personality. We can’t wait to see what her puppies are capable of…

One of the sweetest girls


DOB: 24/09/2015
VALINKA HEART OF PERFECTION (Mother: Inca. Father: Anzac)
Hip Score: 2/4 Elbow Score: 0/0 DNA: TBA

Cian is one of the sweetest girls you could ever meet. She’s both calm and energetic at the same time, with a personality that no-one can get angry with. She’s forever thin and lean, spending half her life being “fattened up” because she doesn’t stop playing long enough to let the fat stick to her ribs. Yet as soon as you pat her it’s like she’s been drugged, instantly relaxing into your hands and turning into the biggest sook, usually crumbling to the floor in a puddle of happiness. Yet at arms’ length Cian twirls and bounces about like the craziest lunatic. She is the spitting image of her mother, and comes from a long line of smaller built Labradors, with four generations of Valinka breeding on her mother’s side.

Mrs Mature


Custard is a mature, confident and outgoing girl. She’s one of the Alpha’s of the kennels, strong in both body and spirit. She knows her mind and is happy to tell you what she wants! Custard is a tall and athletic girl, built along lean lines with a long stride and a desire to run and play. Custard is loving and gentle with all people, she’s great with children, and is careful not to be boisterous close to anyone, yet she’s very energetic and fun loving when she’s out playing. She has produced a number of Therapy and Assistance dogs, and she produces pups that have a lot of drive and great at performing tasks.

Our baby


DOB: 21/05/2017
VALINKA LUNAR DUSK (Mother: Luna. Father: Choko)
Hip Score: TBA Elbow Score: TBA DNA: Clear by parentage of all diseases

Dusk is one of our babies, and is four generations of Valinka breeding. She is an outgoing and confident girl, small in stature but big in personality. Just like her mother, butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, but she has a cheeky side too. Highly intelligent, she quickly works out routines and habits, and knows exactly who she can be naughty with and who won’t let her get away with it. Dusk is still quite young, which is clearly obvious from her lean stature. She will be a much heavier set girl once she’s matured, and she’s perfectly put together, with a gorgeous head and gentle expression. Dusk has the potential to be a wonderful part of our breeding program.

Very affectionate


DOB: 16/05/2017
VALINKA DO THE HOKEY POKEY (Mother: Custard. Father: Smokey)

Hokey is one of the sweetest girls you’ll ever meet. She’s amazingly gentle, affectionate and loving. She loves nothing more than being petted and cuddled, and before you’ve even had chance to utter the word “sit” her butt has already hit the floor and she’s looking at you expectantly. Hokey represents four generations of Valinka breeding on her father’s side, and three on her mother’s side. She’s very obedient, and loves doing exactly what you want her to do. Her worst nightmare is having someone angry at her, and she’s try anything she can to make you happy again… although sometimes her cheeky side takes over. She’s not very consistent when it comes to “come back!” She will cheekily run off every chance she gets, and then act soooo contrite when you catch her. It’s so hard being angry with her, but yet she can’t help herself when there’s some mischief she wants to get up to. Hokey is one of our youngest girls, and it seems unthinkable she’ll ever be mature enough for a litter of puppies, but she will get there!

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