Our history
We have come a long way since we started back in 1992.
The beginning

When it started

Back in 1992 we purchased our first pedigree dogs, two Rough Collies by the names of Kiya and Sahara. Litter sisters, they were like chalk and cheese, and neither were successful as show or breeding dogs; both proving barren, badly bred and had many conformation faults (they had great personalities though). 


But they did introduce us to the world of pedigree dogs, and a passion was born.

For the next 10 years or so we threw ourselves into the showing and breeding of Collies (Lassie dogs as they’re more commonly called), but eventually the massive amounts of time and energy dedicated to grooming such enormously coated dogs proved too much for us. So we retired our dogs and allowed them to live out their lives as pets, with their coats shaved short and loving the freedom.

imported from england

Our first chocolate Labrador

Life without dogs, though, is far too dull. After much deliberation over what type of dog would suit us best, we decided to buy a chocolate Labrador. Easier said than done, since in the early naughties there were barely a handful of registered chocolate Labradors in Australia. We had to expand our search, and eventually imported two chocolates from Poolehall Labradors in England. Those first two girls (Buttons and Fudge) were smart, calm and relaxed dogs, easy to train and amazingly mature and stately, even when they were very young.

They produced some wonderful puppies, also calm and relaxed dogs themselves, and this helped develop our feel for what we thought a Labrador should be. We were devastated when, at only 5 years of age, Fudge became sick and died very suddenly. We were heartbroken, but she’d left us with some beautiful daughters to continue with, and Fudge lives on through them.

Our other girl, Buttons, lived to a much more advanced age, passing away at 11 years old. Still too young, but she had many years in our home as the resident floor cleaner, sneaky plate licker, and butter thief! Buttons and Fudge’s children and grandchildren have formed the foundation of our breeding program, and all the puppies we breed can be traced back to them in one way or another.

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