Backyard breeders and unregistered puppies

Unregistered and uncontrolled.

No Guarantee

Backyard breeder

A backyard breeder is someone who owns a dog, and they allow, or cause, their dog to become pregnant and to have puppies. These puppies may or may not be pedigree dogs. The pregnancy may or may not be intentional. What is a guarantee is that these puppies are not registered with any of the recognised purebred dog registries (MDBA, ICBS, etc). These puppies are, by definition, unregistered and uncontrolled.

In some states of Australia, governments are trying to “register” the backyard breeders, with the intentions of having some sort of control over how often dogs are bred, what conditions the pups are raised in, and to ensure people have some basic knowledge before allowing their dog/s to breed. Anyone who isn’t registered as a breeder must have their dogs desexed. This has been a wonderful idea, but it’s also had an unforeseen side effect. These backyard breeders are now claiming “registered breeder” status in many online forums, providing their “breeder number” from their shire or council.

This is NOT the same as being a registered breeder with, for example, the Australian National Kennel Council or with the Master Dog Breeders and Associates. It does not guarantee anything, other than their local council knows they have entire dogs and are breeding with them from time to time. It doesn’t even guarantee that what’s being bred is a pedigree dog, it could be crossed with 15 different breeds and they’d still be “registered breeders”.

The risk

No Guarantee

You can buy a Labrador puppy for as little as $500 or $1,000 from a backyard breeder. Often these puppies have been bred with the best of intentions; by people who really don’t have a clue as to what they’re doing or what they’re breeding with. They’re people who have an unsterilized female Labrador, who they love dearly and who has a wonderful temperament (or so they believe). They’ll mate her to a friend/neighbour/family member’s Labrador… who they think may be a purebred dog… and produce a litter of puppies. Seems simple.

But it’s not. No hip/elbow scoring on either parents; no screening for DNA diseases; no eye, heart, patella testing. No guarantee that what you’re producing actually is a purebred Labrador.

You might get lucky and buy a dog with no problems, who lives a long and uneventful life with a great temperament. But for a lot of people that’s not their experience. These “backyard bred” puppies often come with a myriad of problems, and some people are having their loving new family member put to sleep by their first birthday because they’re so crippled they simply won’t survive much longer.

Backyard bred puppies don’t come with any sort of guarantee. Once money has changed hands that’s the end of the story. With a professional, responsible, registered breeder, the exchanging of money is the beginning of a long relationship, not the end of a transaction.

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