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Labradors love to run a lot.
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Where our dogs live

As professional dog breeders, it’s obvious that all our Labradors can’t live in the house with us, as they would in a normal home. Our situation is unusual, and it’s necessary for our dogs to live in kennels. When designing and building the kennels we had several thoughts in mind. Firstly, we wanted it to be somewhere the Labradors would have enough room to play, and run, and have fun as dogs should do. With indoor and outdoor areas that the Labradors could freely have access to during the day. Secondly, we wanted a place where the dogs would easily be able to see and interact with the people caring for them (namely us and our dedicated staff), and not where they are isolated away from people all the time. 

Thirdly, with the summer temperatures in Perth often hitting 40 degrees, we needed somewhere that would be cool for the dogs in the hot days, with access to water for splashing about in too. And Fourth, we needed somewhere safe, and secure. Living in the country we needed to ensure snakes or other possible dangers couldn’t find their way in with the dogs. What resulted is a kennel built specifically for our Labradors, with an industrial-strength air-conditioner that keeps everyone cool all through the summer, a “central corridor” design that means the dogs have that “inside” experience where they can see people (even though they’re in a kennel), exercise runs attached to each kennel, paddling pools in each run, and 1.8 meter high double fencing to ensure everyone’s safety.

lots of space

They love to run a lot

For years we struggled with the whole “grassed runs” issue, though. Labradors are energetic dogs, and when you have a large number of them housed near one another they tend to run A LOT. They play up and down the exercise areas, chase one another up and down the fence lines, and generally wreak havoc on any lawn that we plant. The shorter runs at the front of the kennels bore the brunt of it, and eventually we realised no natural grass was ever going to stand up to the punishment. 

We put down artificial turf, covered the end of the run with shade-cloth, and replaced part of the lawn with pavers. We’ve plans to replace the longer runs on the back of the kennels with artificial turf also, but that is another project for another year, and for now the dogs do manage to keep some grass on it!! We’ve also created much larger areas for the Labradors, what we call the “dog paddocks”; approximately a ¼ acre each where they can have a really good run about, chasing and playing and digging as they would at the park; with plans for a dam in the near future, so they can really give those webbed feet a workout!

country living

We really love what we do

It’s amazing to think we’ve been involved with the Labrador for more than ten years now, it’s gone so quickly it feels like only yesterday we were collecting Fudge and Buttons from the Quarantine kennels in Sydney.

Over the years we’ve developed a deep passion for this amazing breed of dog, and their versatility continues to astound us. Although we’ve had puppies go on to be trained into the most interesting roles in our society, for the most part the Labrador makes an amazing family pet, adored by the household and an integral part of the family. This is what the Labrador was meant to be, a four legged member of the family, and we feel blessed every day to be a part of their lives.
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Fresh meals everyday

Never ones to accept that dogs get fed “dog food”, our Labradors have very specific meals that are cooked fresh every day for them. We have over half an acre of land dedicated to the “veg garden”, where we organically grow most of our own vegetables.

Our Labradors eat either chicken or kangaroo based meals, with steamed rice and steamed fresh organic vegetables, as well as extra’s such as linseed oil for the coat and joints, garlic for intestinal health, yogurt for their digestive and immune systems, and eggs for overall goodness (because who doesn’t love eggs!). Plus, raw bones once a week to keep their teeth looking great and to keep away the tartar. It takes about 5 hours each day to cook, prepare and serve all the meals to our Labradors, thanks to the tireless efforts of our dedicated staff who work in the kennels. But we wouldn’t have it any other way, and we far prefer the idea of a natural diet for our Labradors, rather than something poured from a tin or a bag.
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